costume party.jpg

On October 25 at 6:00pm our students will be uniting in the worship center for our MTVstudents Costume Party. This years theme is dynamic duos. Examples - PB&J, Mario & Luigi etc. We hope that our students will invite a friend that doesn't attend church normally to be a duo with them. We will also be introducing students to the Agape Feast. Agape is rooted in the Hebrew language, and it means "the highest form of love, charity" and "the love of God for man and of man for God." At Agape Feast we ask students to bring their favorite dish to add to the huge table, we'll have and every 90 seconds students will be asked to rotate. 

I have seen agape feasts with all types of foods from a pan of bacon to sushi. The students love the event. We will also be having a costume contest for the best middle school duo and the best high school duo. We will conclude the night with one of our students sharing the gospel.