Parent Cue April 2017


Parent Cue April 2017

Think About This

You may have a toddler right now who won’t leave your side. You know the kind. The kid who’s glued to your leg, velcroed to your arm, who keeps wanting you to read the same story again, and again, and again. It’s driving you nuts some days, isn’t it? It’s hard to believe, but one day, they’re going to withdraw. Ask any parent who has middle schoolers. Or teenagers. It happens...they withdraw.



MTVStudents App


We have an app and it can offer some amazing features. 



The most popular apps in the word offer an aggregated feed that allows users easy access to the content they may be interested in. 


Many church apps forget about the church basics, not ChurchLink! Get a beautiful and interactive About Us page with instant access to service times, maps and directions, phone number, website, and general welcome message or church overview.  A pop down menu from the activity feed also provides additional shortcuts for convenience.


Access sermon audio with your  with ease!  Audio files can be streamed or downloaded, and a beautiful audio player gives the user a great experience.


Seamlessly connect to our church’s YouTube or Vimeo channel to your app to automatically share new service videos, announcement videos or any other video files directly with your church.


Keep up to date! Users can easily add events to their own calendar as well as map details and directions.


Connect with our Facebook & Instagram accounts to bring all of our posts into one place, instantly viewable from your app’s activity feed. 


The Prayer Wall allows you to stay connected in prayer. Users can post individual prayer requests, while others can respond and comment. Your church can interact to prayer requests by “Committing to Pray” for prayer requests that have been posted to your app.


 Push notifications are a great way to keep you informed and connected, wherever you are.  Easily be informed of last minute changes, of weather delays, and of important announcements.